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To all my valued clients of the L&L Dental Hygiene Clinic,


This new protocol is implemented because the dental industry has been permitted to slowly and cautiously return to practice.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share the ‘new normal’ of dental services moving forward.  Although your dental hygiene appointment may APPEAR different, your treatment will NOT be compromised. The measures outlined below may seem extreme in this unprecedented time, but these protocols are necessary.  Prior to the province wide emergency alert of COVID-19, my focus has always been on the health and safety of our families and friends and of our community at large.  Please take a few moments to read the new guidelines and protocols for your upcoming and future dental hygiene appointments.


If clients are from the same household, appointments can be booked back-to-back with the following conditions:

- client’s and their family members must remain in the operatory

- any other rooms are off limits during this time, except for the washroom


Appointment breakdown:


1) Prior to your appointment, a health screening phone call will be conducted and a health screening questionnaire will need to be completed to determine if you are safe to attend your appointment.  For new patients, a new patient medical history form will need to be completed as well.  Please see attachments below.  Please download, fill out, and email back (or print out) form(s) prior to your appointment. 


2) Please wear a mask or a scarf before entering the front door (one will be provided if necessary).  It will be greatly appreciated if you bring your own mask and sunglasses.  Hand sanitizer will be provided for you at the front door.


3) Upon arrival, I will be conducting additional screening and checking body temperature with a non-contact thermometer.


4) Once we have entered the operatory and I have put on my appropriate personal protective equipment, you may then remove your mask for treatment.


5) A rinse of 1% hydrogen peroxide must be done for 60 seconds twice prior to treatment.


6) Once your cleaning is complete, please put your mask back on to exit the clinic.  Please keep the mask on until you leave the front door.


Measures that have been added during this time:

- removal of magazines, papers, brochures etc. from the waiting room and operatory for safety purposes

- HEPA filter (High-efficiency particulate air) purifier in the operatory

- when using aerosol producing instruments, the following will be used: N95 masks, high volume suction,     

   external chairside suction unit

- water steam mop used daily 

- sterilization procedures follows the Best Practice Guidelines that have been recommended by IPAC, CDHO,

  RCDSO, CDC, & Public Health Ontario


Please keep in mind that our policies may change based on the requirements of the pandemic. 

You and your family are of utmost importance and I hope to continue a healthy partnership by providing the highest standards of care you deserve. 


Stay Safe and Healthy,

Lynne Chan RRDH 

L&L Dental Hygiene Clinic





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